The Insusurrati, or the Cult of Whispers, listen for the echos of the divine and can act without pity when the divine moves them.


240px-Bobby_singer.jpg Bob

Bob is the current leader of the Insusurrati. He’s a dour and pragmatic man, but oddly charismatic with a forceful personality. He doesn’t take well to stupid behavior and is quick to call someone an idjit when needed.


Ellen is the gun-toting, beer-slinging den-mother to the group.


Bookish and certainly the indoors type, Kevin spends his time searching the internet and dead-tree in search of the Whispers that can lead the Cult towards its purpose.


Garth sort of idolizes Bob and imitates (and irritates) the more experienced hunter. He’s generally more pleasant than Bob and uses more modern methods (cell phones, computers) that Bob avoids when possible.

Other Members

John Fitzgerald Gray has joined the cult, and Bob is actively recruiting


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