Yahoel aka "Bobby Abbott"

Burning Rage in a colorful Suburban Dad shell

Name Yahoel, the Song of Flame Player Matt
Agenda Saboteur Virtue Precise
Incarnation Destroyer Vice Destructive
Power Intelligence ●●○○○ Strength ●●●○○ Presence ●○○○○
Finesse Wits ●●●○○ Dexterity ●●●○○ Manipulation ●●●○○
Resistance Resolve ●●○○○ Stamina ●●○○○ Composure ●●○○○
Mental Physical Social
-3 unskilled -1 unskilled -1 unskilled
Academics ○○○○○ Athletics ●●○○○ Animal Ken ○○○○○
Computer ○○○○○ Brawl (Outnumbered Opponents) ●●●●○ Empathy ●○○○○
Crafts (Architecture) ●●○○○ Drive ●○○○○ Expression ○○○○○
Investigation ●○○○○ Firearms ●○○○○ Intimidation (Ultimatums) ●●○○○
Medicine (Fatal Wounds) ●○○○○ Larceny ○○○○○ Persuasion ○○○○○
Occult ○○○○○ Stealth ○○○○○ Socialize ○○○○○
Politics ●○○○○ Survival ○○○○○ Streetwise ○○○○○
Science ●●○○○ Weaponry (Repurposed Tools) ●●●○○ Subterfuge (Authority Figures) ●●○○○
Eidetic Memory ○○○○○
- Your character recalls events and details with pinpoint accuracy. You do not have to make rolls for your character to remember past experiences. When making Intelligence + Composure (or relevant Skill) rolls to recall minute facts from swaths of information, take a +2 bonus.
Fighting Finesse ●●○○○
- Use Dexterity instead of Strength when using Brawl: Outnumbered Opponents
Demolisher ●○○○○
- Your character has an innate feel for the weak points in objects. When damaging an object, she ignores one point of the object’s Durability per dot in this Merit.
Fast-Talking ●○○○○
- Always Be Closing – With the right leading phrases, your character can direct a mark to say what she wants, when she wants. This trips the mark into vulnerable positions. When a mark contests or resists your character’s Social interactions, apply a –1 to their Resolve or Composure.
Fast-Talking ●●○○○
- Jargon – Your character confuses her mark using complex terminology. You may apply one relevant Specialty to any Social roll you make, even if the Specialty isn’t tied to the Skill in use.
Interdisciplinary Specialty ●○○○○
- Choose a Specialty that your character possesses when you purchase this Merit. You can apply the +1 from that Specialty on any Skill with at least one dot, provided it’s justifiable within the scope of the fiction. For example, a doctor with a Medicine Specialty in Anatomy may be able to use it when targeting a specific body part with Weaponry, but could not with a general strike.
Professional Training ●●●○○
- Thug Athletics, Brawl, Intimidation: Rules of 9-again apply
Taste ●○○○○
- Your character has refined tastes and can identify minor details in fashion, food, architecture, and other forms of artistry and craftsmanship. Not only does this give an eye for detail, it makes her a center of attention in critical circles. She can appraise items within her area of expertise. With a Wits + Skill roll, depending on the creation in question (Expression for poetry, Crafts for architecture, for example), your character can pick out obscure details about the item that other, less discerning minds would not. For each success, ask one of the following questions, or take a +1 bonus to any Social rolls pertaining to groups interested in the art assessed for the remainder of the scene.
Health Primium Size 5
●●●●● ●●○○○ ○ ●●●●○ ○○○○○ Speed -
□□□□□ □□□□□ □ ○○○○○ Defense 5
Willpower Aether Armor -
●●●●○ ○○○○○ □□□□□ □□□□□ Init. Mod. 5
□□□□□ □□□□□ □□□□□ □□□□□
Name Type Dice Pool Action Page
Devil’s Advocate Cacophany Manipulation + Subterfuge (4) – Highest Resolve Present Instant Core 105
Dramatic Failure: The target follows his natural inclination, but to a fervent, even violent extreme. Continuing the example above, the policeman might have been inclined to give the demon a ticket, but now attempts to detain the demon and search her car.
Failure: The Embed has no effect.
Success: The target disagrees with the most recent stated position, even if that would be a position that he would normally accept. From the target’s perspective, he might be merely “arguing the other side” or “playing Devil’s Advocate,” but in the moment, he truly feels that it is his duty to voice his disagreement or otherwise display it. What reaction this provokes is highly context dependent. Fistfights are unlikely to break out at a PTA meeting over whether to alter a school cafeteria menu, but in a bar watching a football match it’s a distinct possibility. Demons can and do lay groundwork for successful use of this Embed, getting people to argue with one another and then using Devil’s Advocate to cause a reversal or a statement that sets everyone off.
Hush Cacophany Dexterity + Brawl (7) – Defense Reflexive 128
Dramatic Failure: The character’s first strike causes a loud, jarring, high-frequency sound. In addition to alerting anyone nearby who might be listening, the demon also runs the risk of blowing his Cover. The player should immediately make a compromise roll with a +1 modifier.
Failure: The Embed does not take effect and combat makes the usual amount of noise.
Success: Combat makes no sound until either a number of turns elapses equal to the successes rolled or one combatant uses a weapon, whichever comes first. Even incidental noise (one participant being slammed up against a wall) produces only a muffled thump. Note
that in order to use a weapon, the combatant’s player must make a roll to do so (a Weaponry or Firearms roll). Simply drawing the weapon does not break the effects of Hush.
Exceptional Success: The demon may target his opponent’s throat with no specified target penalty for one strike. If this strike connects, in additional to inflicting 0L damage the demon inflicts the Mute Condition (p.310) on the target for the duration of the fight.
Knockout Punch Cacophany Dexterity + Brawl (7) – Defense Instant * Core 129*
Dramatic Failure: The punch misses. If the target makes an unarmed attack on the demon, the demon falls victim to this Embed. The Storyteller determines when the demon wakes up.
Failure: The punch misses. Any further attempts to use this Embed in the same scene suffer a cumulative –1 penalty, to a maximum of –5.
Success: The demon makes an unarmed attack on the target (despite the name, kicks work just as well as punches). The demon does not inflict any Health damage, but the victim is knocked unconscious until a specified amount of time or a specified condition come to pass. That is, the demon might stipulate that the target remains unconscious “for an hour” or “until I leave this building.” The victim can be brought around early, however, if anyone finds his body and makes even a cursory attempt to revive him. The demon can, of course, choose to murder the target
while he is unconscious. Doing so is always a risk to Cover (breaking point with a –3 modifier).
Exceptional Success: As above, except that reviving the victim requires a roll of Presence + Medicine.
The Look Vocal Manipulation + Intimidation (4) – Stamina Instant Flowers 105
Dramatic Failure:The stare does not take. Additionally, the human is aware of the existential threat and the demon briefly stutters, losing her next turn.
Failure:The stare falls flat.
Success:The subject is held steady. After a number of turns equal to his Stamina, the loss of autonomic functions causes harm. Each turn, the subject takes a level of bashing damage per dot of the Unchained’s Primum. Eventually, this wraps into lethal damage. The effect ends when the demon withdraws it, when the human suffers outside harm, or when the human falls
unconscious (and thus cannot maintain the stare).
Exceptional Success:As above, but the damage starts immediately.
Find the Leak Vocal Wits + Empathy (3) Instant Core 150
Dramatic Failure:The demon’s very presence repels communication. Her voice sounds grating and unpleasant, and no one wants to listen or talk with her. The demon gains the Shunned Condition (–3 on all Social rolls involving her voice; she resolves this condition if she chooses not to speak for a scene).
Failure: No effect; the demon does not know who in a group is most likely to talk. She can try again (apply a cumulative –1 penalty for each successive attempt during a scene).
Success: The character knows which person in a group most wants to talk about a given topic. The player adds the successes on the Embed roll to any Social action to convince the target to talk. If the player is using the Social maneuvering system (p. 314), subtract the demon’s Primum from the number of Doors required to convince the target to talk about the subject.
Exceptional Success:As above, but the demon barely has to make an effort to get the target talking. A few leading questions and the target will reveal almost anything the demon wants to know. If the target has a vested interest in keeping the information secret (for example, it would implicate him in a crime), the Storyteller may make a Composure + Subterfuge – demon’s Primum roll to keep such incriminating details to himself.
Memory Burn Interlock *Wits + Brawl – Defense * Reflexive Justin’s Mind
Dramatic Failure:The target gains hyper-awareness of the scene. He will remember every detail of what he experiences regardless of other factors. The demon must roll a compromise roll.
Failure: Nothing happens
Success: The next time you hit the target, they gain the Amnesia condition toward anything that happens in the rest of the scene.
Exceptional Success: Same as a regular success and the target “remembers” one fact of your choice.
Demonic Form
Modification Claws and Fangs - - - Core 197
Some angels are made for the gruesome task of maiming and killing. Often they look like horrible biomechanical creatures with sharp steel for fangs and claws, able to rip and tear their victim. Many demons keep these aspects for self-defense. Some more aggressive demons choose to adopt this form ability as a way to intimidate others.
System: The claws and fangs function as small weapons with a damage rating of 2L and can be used while in a grapple. The weapons do not impose an Initiative modifier.
Modification Inhuman Reflexes - - - Core 198
Angels required to hunt, stalk, abduct, or kill people are enhanced with supernatural reflexes. These angels understand the concept of precision and skill and prefer this to the use of brute force. Demons who prefer precision and speed tend to keep or adapt this ability.
System: The demon’s speed and mobility increase. Gain a +2 to all Dexterity rolls.
Modification Lighting - - Instant Flowers 123
The demon has halogen, LED, or other lighting adorning his body.
System:When active, the light eliminates any relevant penalties from darkness. As an instant action, the light can target a subject sensitive to light (including most creatures with vision). This can blind the subject (causing the Blindness Tilt), unless he makes a Wits + Composure roll, penalized by the demon’s Primum.
Technology Environmental Resistance - - - Core 202
Angels are often on missions that require them to interact with the raw elements. A mission may require a trip to the core of the Earth or to Antarctica to install necessary pieces of Infrastructure. These angels are fortified with an outer layer that protects them from the ravages of these elements. Demons
adapt this ability to protect themselves from the elements.
System: The demon is immune to any adverse effects from all Environmental Tilts.
Technology Mantle of Fire - 1 Aether Reflexive Flowers
Some angels manifest as pillars of smoke or fire to deliver messages, lead mortal followers, or simply burn down a building the God-Machine needs to have eliminated. A demon with this ability retains her humanoid shape but remains perfectly capable of burning down a house or filling a room with smoke.
System: While the demon and her immediate possessions aren’t affected by the flames pouring from her, anything else that comes into contact with them is. Anyone engaged in a grapple with the demon suffers two lethal damage per turn (as fire as large and hot as a torch). The demon’s fires can also ignite other objects or provide illumination equal to a torch. As a reflexive action the demon can suppress her mantle, reducing it to a purely visual effect. In this state it does not ignite materials and doesn’t generate enough heat to cause injury. It still sheds about as much light as a torch. The outcast can restore the mantle to its full strength as a reflexive action.
The player may spend 1 Aether as a reflexive action for the demon to intensify the mantle for one turn and achieve one of three effects:
Create Smoke:The demon fills the area within up to 30 yards of her with thick smoke. Rolls to see things more than arm’s length away within the smoke suffer a –1 penalty. Each additional ten yards inflicts an additional –1 penalty (cumulative) on all visual Perception rolls. This penalty also applies to ranged attack rolls.
Fire Aura:The demon’s radiates a halo of fire that surrounds his body to a distance of one foot. The heat these flames produce is more intense than the ordinary mantle — equal to that of a Bunsen burner. Those engaged in a grapple with the demon suffer four lethal damage per turn.
Pyrotechnic Explosion:The demon’s fiery mantle explodes in a noisy burst of pyrotechnics. The demon can shape the details of this effect. This can range from a soft pop and a single ball of white fire used as a signal flare to a loud boom and a burst of colored fire that showers everything within three yards with flames, and anything in between. If used offensively, anyone caught in the blast suffers two lethal damage automatically unless they have cover (treat as an explosion).
Propulsion Burrow - - - Flowers
Many of the God-Machine’s gears and much of Its Infrastructure lurks below the Earth’s surface. Angels expand their creator’s subterranean domain or plumb the earth for undiscovered lodes of rare materials it needs for its projects. Demons with this ability can move through snow, sand, gravel, or loose earth as easily as walking or running overland. They can also burrow through harder surfaces at a slower pace.
System:The demon can burrow through loose material at her normal Speed. She can move through Durability 1 materials (wood, clay, etc.) at half her Speed and through Durability 2 materials (stone, cement, etc.) at one quarter her Speed (rounded down in both cases). Movement through Durability 3 materials (steel, iron, etc.) requires the demon to expend 1 Aether per minute and progresses at an effective Speed of 1. Used as a weapon, it is equivalent to a chainsaw.
Process Quill Burst 1 Aether Strength + Athletics (5) ** Core 207
Some angels are sent on reconnaissance missions or assignments that involve some risk, but are not dangerous enough to warrant full out protections or weaponry. The angel is fitted with a self-defense mechanism that allow them to deal with the situation quickly and efficiently, no matter how dire the situation may be. The quills are built to burrow into soft flesh, ripping a person apart from the inside. Demons that find themselves working alone often will sometimes evolve this form ability to better deal with multiple attackers.
System:The demon can spend one Aether to activate this ability and eject quills in a burst around him. He rolls an attack with Strength + Athletics against everyone in a ten foot radius and deals one lethal damage to each target successfully hit. The quills act as a mild poison as they burrow into the flesh and skin of anyone they hit. If the opponent takes damage from the quill burst, then he is affected by the Poisoned Tilt until he can get the quills removed.

Yahoel is a biomechanical heat sink, built to serve the God-Machine’s purposes in the world as well as when dormant; between missions, the angel was plugged in to the God-Machine and directed to dissipate the heat of his circuitry. Tethered to the God-Machine by cables, the sought to burrow into its surroundings to exchange heat, often melting raw ore and earth into magma in the process. Failing that, quickly moving through the stale air of the God-Machine’s casing would keep the circuits cooled enough to work.

Scales of obsidian glide on tracks over machinery coursing throughout with magma just underneath the synthetic skin. A red-orange glow emanates from the body, spilling forth from its eyes, mouth, and nasal cavity. Cables hang from the back of its head, not connected to the God-Machine but still spilling smoke and light. The air around the body shimmers with heat, and a low sound of moving air (like an unlit pilot light) accompanies any movement. Obsidian constantly flakes off of the scales as new magma cools to replace it.

Yahoel aka "Bobby Abbott"

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