Mr. Grey

Tempter Messenger


Nec-vault-04.JPGMr. Grey is blinding outline of a male form, translucent and frighteningly bright. His eyes are copper-and platinum mesh spheres, with the copper winding its way down across his head and torso to his hands. Braided cables hang from the base of his head. He floats slightly above the ground, passing through solid objects as if they aren’t there.

When he speaks, he both inspires and terrifies. And when threatened, he can move with remarkable speed.

Name Mr. Grey Player Byerly
Agenda Tempter Virtue Patient
Incarnation Messenger Vice Treacherous
Beat Gain a Beat when the character delegates a task, talks someone into taking a risk on his behalf, or otherwise avoids getting his hands dirty directly.
Resolution The character knows someone everywhere. With a single phone call or a word in the right ear, the character can gain instant VIP treatment. He enjoys a +3 bonus to a Social roll where VIP status would be a significant benefit, such as being admitted into an establishment that caters to a restricted clientele, cutting red tape, or similar.
Power Intelligence ●●○○○ Strength ●○○○○ Presence ●●●○○
Finesse Wits ●●●○○ Dexterity ●●●○○ Manipulation ●●●○○
Resistance Resolve ●●○○○ Stamina ●●○○○ Composure ●●○○○
Mental Physical Social
-3 unskilled -1 unskilled -1 unskilled
Academics ○○○○○ Athletics ●●○○○ Animal Ken ○○○○○
Computer ○○○○○ Brawl ○○○○○ Empathy (Motives) ●●●○○
Crafts ○○○○○ Drive ○○○○○ Expression ○○○○○
Investigation ●○○○○ Firearms ○○○○○ Intimidation ●●○○○
Medicine ○○○○○ Larceny ●○○○○ Persuasion (Fast Talking) ●●○○○
Occult ○○○○○ Stealth ●●○○○ Socialize (Group Dynamics) ●●○○○
Politics (State) ●●●○○ Survival ○○○○○ Streetwise ○○○○○
Science ○○○○○ Weaponry (Grappling) ●●●○○ Subterfuge (Spotting Lies) ●●●○○
Retainer ●●●○○
Kevin Kaplan
Consummate Professional ●●○○○ Your character can resolve her Agenda Condition twice per chapter.
Fast Talking ●○○○○
- Always Be Closing When a mark contests or resists your character’s Social interactions, apply a –1 to their Resolve or Composure.
Filipino Martial Arts ●○○○○
- Lock and Block With this move, your character uses an adversary’s momentum against her. If you succeed on a Strength + Weaponry roll, your character captures an opponent’s attacking arm in his own and gains a grapple over her. You may add your character’s Defense to the Strength + Weaponry roll, as he is technically making a defensive maneuver. However, if you choose to add his Defense to this attack, you may not apply his Defense against any incoming attacks that turn. If he has already applied his Defense, he may still utilize this maneuver, but he does not get to add his Defense to the roll.
Professional Training – Politician ●●●○○
- Asset Skills Politics, Subterfuge, Empathy
- Networking Take two dots of Contacts relating to that field.
Contacts ●●○○○
Lobbyists, Local Government
- Continuing Education When making a roll with her Asset Skills, she benefits from the 9-again quality.
- Breadth of Knowledge Choose a third Asset Skill and take two Specialties in your character’s Asset Skills.
- On the Job Training Take a Skill dot in an Asset Skill. Whenever you purchase a new Asset Skill dot, take a Beat.
- The Routine Before rolling, spend a Willpower point to apply the rote action quality to an Asset Skill. This allows you to reroll all the failed dice on the first roll.
Terrible Form ●○○○○
- Body Modification Your demonic form has one extra Modification.
Advance Form When taking this Merit, sacrifice one Modification or Technology and take an additional Propulsion or Process in its place.
Cultists – Insusurrati ●●●●●
Support equal to Resources 3, Allies 3, or Staff 3 once per story. Once per chapter, the demon can call on the cult for knowledge, gaining a +3 to any roll that the cult could conceivably assist with.

Some of the cultists are stigmatic or possess Supernatural Merits. The demon can call upon these cultists to use their gifts on her behalf. The cultists are well aware of what the demon is
Bolthole ●●●
●●● Easy Access
Health Primum Size 5
●●●●● ●● ●●●○○ ○○○○○ Speed 9
□□□□□ □□ Cover Defense 5
Willpower ●●●●● ●●○○○ Armor -
●●●● Aether Initiative Mod 5
□□□□ ■■■■■ ■■□□□
Name Type Dice Pool Action Pg
Everybody Knows Vocal Embed Manipulation + Subterfuge Instant Core 150
The demon crafts a rumor (the player describes it to the Storyteller; it needs to be plausible, based on the target) and tells one person of the target’s acquaintance. The target then spreads the rumor by coming into contact with people — everyone he meets or talks to believes they have already heard the rumor, and this colors how they interact with the target. In game terms, the target gains an appropriate Condition (probably Notoriety, but the Storyteller or the player can craft a new one — maybe Shamed or Shunned). The target can shed this Condition by isolating himself for a number of days equal to the demon’s Primum, regardless of the normal resolution circumstance.

The rumor can only be spread face to face, meaning that while isolating himself, the target can use technological means of communicating with the outside world.

Exceptional Success: As above, except the rumor is virulent enough to spread through Internet or phone line. Just sending an email to someone is enough to spread the rumor. Also, the target must spend twice as long in isolation before the rumor fades.
Heart’s Desire Vocal Embed Wits + Empathy – Composure Instant Core 151
The demon knows one of the target’s Aspirations for every dot of Primum the demon possesses. She learns short-term Aspirations before long-term ones. If the character has more Primum than the target has Aspirations, the demon learns Virtue and/or Vice, as well (player’s choice as to which one the character learns first).

Exceptional Success: The demon learns all of the target’s Aspirations, or one Aspiration and his Virtue and Vice.
Social Dynamics Vocal Embed Wits + Socialize Instant Core 153
The demon gains an intuitive understanding of the relationships and social dynamics of the group. She does not necessarily understand the characters’ specific relationships to one another (simply because two people feel deep romantic love for one another does not necessarily make them a married couple, for instance), but she knows which of the characters is a leader, which one is a hanger-on, which is only tolerated, and which one’s favor the others curry.

The demon can use this Embed on a group of any size, though it only functions on members of the group who are actually present.

In game terms, add the demon’s Primum rating to any Social roll that would benefit from this knowledge. This includes rolls to open Doors

Exceptional Success: In addition to the above, the demon knows specific facts about how the characters relate to one another.
In My Pocket Mundane Embed Dexterity + Larceny Instant Core 143
The demon produces the desired object, provided it would fit into the pocket in question. The demon can use this Embed on receptacles that are not literally pockets (insides of coats, purses, violin cases) provided that no one in the current scene has seen the interior and knows that the target object was not there.

The equipment bonus from an object thus produced is equal to the demon’s Primum or the standard equipment bonus for an object of its type, whichever is lower.

Cannot produce an object that has been established as not being in the demon’s pocket, it cannot produce an object belonging to or in the possession of another person. Can produce a badge or a form of identification, but it won’t be tailored to the character and it won’t stand up to any kind of inspection.

Can use this Embed a number of times during a chapter equal to his Primum rating. After that, every use causes a compromise roll.

Exceptional Success: As above, except that the equipment bonus on the item in question is equal to the higher of the demon’s Primum or the standard for the object. If they are equal, add one.
Anarchism Cacophony Embed Manipulation + Politics – Composure Instant Flowers 94
The subject no longer cares about societal repercussions. Appeals to peers, to authority, to law will all fall on deaf ears. The subject gains a Willpower point any time she ignores these things in favor of her own interest. If she puts herself in substantial danger, she gains a Beat. The Embed ends after the scene. When used on Storyteller characters, substantial danger offers her an Inspired Condition. This reflects an emboldening from the rebellion.

Exceptional Success: As above, but the Embed does not end until the subject has gained a Beat.
Idle Conversation Mundane Embed Manipulation + Socialize Instant Core 143
The demon and anyone he chooses to include in the effect can engage in conversation freely without fear of anyone eavesdropping. To a casual listener, the eavesdropper can’t quite manage to make out any specific words.

Exceptional Success: The demon knows if anyone is trying to actively listen to the conversation. If so, the character can choose what the eavesdropper hears. In addition, the demon’s player can make a reflexive Wits + Composure roll to notice any magical attempts to penetrate the Embed.
Name Cost Dice Pool Action Pg
Force Relationship Aether Presence + Empathy + Primum Extended (5 or 10 successes, one roll per hour) Core 165
The character either forges a new relationship between two characters who have never met (which requires five successes) or alters an existing relationship (which requires 10). The relationship can be anything that the character specifies: lovers, friends, casual acquaintances, enemies, rivals, and so forth. The relationship is reciprocal (that is, if the demon decides the targets are friends, then they both feel the friendship), as long as both targets are not demons. If one target is a demon, the relationship is established but the demon doesn’t necessarily feel one way or another about the target. The demon can Force Relationships using herself as a target, which is a good way to shore up a Cover and throw off an investigator. Characters trying to investigate a Cover suffer a –3 penalty as long as this Exploit remains in effect.

The effects of Force Relationship last for a number of days equal to the demon’s Primum. If the demon forged the relationship between herself and a human target and she raises her Cover before the Exploit wears off, she can choose to make the relationship true (that is, the power doesn’t wear off, though the relationship might change or degrade normally).

Exceptional Success: The player can choose one of the options on p. 313 or can convert the amount of time that the Exploit stays active to a number of weeks equal to the demon’s Primum rating, not days.
Name Dice Pool Action
Chains of the Oracle Dexterity + Empathy – Resolve Instant Action
Weaving the flows of causality from the future and the past through the loom of a person’s soul, you create a “map” for the human subject of this power in your pocket that leads them to their secret greatest desire, one they might not even be aware of. The non-supernatural human must be in the same scene as you. This map is unintelligible to anyone else who tries to read it, However, the person for whom it was created can always read and understand the next step on the journey. The knowledge of this is terrifying and awe-inspiring to the human, who instantly knows the truth of its reality and where it is. If a human accepts the map willingly and without supernatural or intimidation based modifiers, the human must accept a service to the demon, although it can take no longer than a month to complete and it cannot directly contradict the map. Unless the human accepts the map, it fades at the end of the scene. This ability may be used once a day. When a map is created for someone, it can never be created for them again.

Dramatic Failure: Your hands reached too deep and ensnared yourself in the web. The human has a map in their pocket that leads to a secret about the demon. They know of its existence and what it is.

Failure: Nothing happens and the demon cannot use this ability again for a day.

Success: The map is created, the demon cannot use this ability again for a day.

Exceptional Success: All pacts with the human ignore one level of aspects for the demon’s side.
Mother of Invention Manipulation + Larcany Instant Action
Humans thrive when under pressure. This embed takes that and kicks it up a level as you remove the societal filters from your target. Everything falls into place and they can find exactly what they need, or what they need to do in a way they couldn’t dream of before. This power can only be used on a human in a desperate situation where they stand to lose or gain in a big way

Dramatic Failure: You accidentally take the humans limitations to yourself. Subtract your primum from all rolls for the rest of the scene.

Failure: Nothing happens.

Success: Add your primum to all of the target’s rolls for the rest of the scene as long as they are actively attempting to to defend them self, their beliefs, or things associate with them; or, are actively working to expand those aspects in some massive way.

Exceptional Success: Additionally, they gain the Inspired condition.
Surge of Inspiration Manipulation + Subterfuge – Composure Instant Action
When someone achieves their goals, the victory can buoy them to achieve even greater opportunities. You can intercede. When someone achieves an aspiration in your presence, you can put a condition on them off your choice

Dramatic Failure: They can put a condition on you instead, instinctively.

Failure: Nothing happens

Success: place a condition on them

Exceptional Success: target also gains merit dots for the day of your choice up to your primum.
Demonic Form
Type Name Cost Dice Pool Action Notes
Process Memory Theft 1 Aether Manipulation + Subterfuge – Composure Extended target #= target’s Willpower; one roll/five or ten minutes
A silver and gold braided cable extends from left temple, ending at a glowing blue headphone jack
The demon can download memories from the victim. The demon gains an hour’s worth of memories from the victim in a quick download. The demon can choose to make slight alterations to the memories she sees by erasing the original memories and uploading new ones, but this doubles the amount of time between each roll to ten minutes.

Subtle memory changes are easy and do not require anything more than a little extra time. These alterations include changing who was interacted with, or how they looked or sounded. If the changes are drastic, such as changing the location of events, how many people were involved, or completely changing what events occurred, each roll suffers a –2 penalty.
Propulsion Phasing 1 Aether - - -
A low hum of electricity, then he fades like a washed out photo
The demon can spend one Aether to transition from corporeal to incorporeal, allowing him to travel through solid objects at half Speed. Once he is through the object, he reverts back to his corporeal form. The demon cannot hold onto or carry objects while Phasing, though any clothing still on his form phases with him. The demon also cannot take anyone with him through a solid object, and cannot confer his Phasing ability to anyone else.

Phasing affords the demon some degree of protection from attacks, as anything physical has the chance to pass right through him. The demon can activate Phasing to give all attack rolls against the demon a –2 penalty.
Propulsion Plasma Drive - - - -
His veins are filled with it and his skin glows and ripples as the ions jostle about. When the drive is active, the veins on the demon’s body stand out in a colorful electric glow.
Does not take penalties to defense when he is attacked multiple times in a round. If he is in combat with a single opponent, he gains a +2 bonus to his Defense. He also subtracts Defense from ranged attacks.

As a reflexive action on his turn, the demon can spend one Aether to activate his Plasma Drive to move at a run and take an action. The demon still subtracts his Defense from attacks made on him this turn, and he still benefits from his Speed as above.
Technology Mind Reading - Wits + Persuasion + Primum vs. Resolve + Primum Reflexive -
The illusion of his eyes fades entirely, leaving the copper-and-platinum wire mesh sphere underneath
The demon only has to see her intended target; the target does not have to see the demon or know she is there. If successful, the demon can read the surface thoughts of the victim for as long as she maintains concentration.

If the demon would like to see something the victim is not currently thinking about, she can try to dig for the thought or idea by spending one Willpower. The player rolls Wits + Subterfuge – Resolve as an extended action (target number = variable, see chart; one roll/minute). The target number for the roll is based on the complexity and discomfort level of the thought the demon wishes to bring forth. These thoughts must be short enough to be fully described with one sentence.
Technology Glory and Terror - Presence + Intimidation + 3 Reflexive Insensate Tilt to those able to see the demon, 1 person per success
Instead of fading from view, he’s infused with bright blue-white light
The demon gains a +3 bonus to Intimidation. If the demon is attempting to open Doors, he can use this action as Hard Leverage. The demon can use his aura on a person multiple times in a round, but each time he must do something to reinforce his intimidation. This could be as easy as dealing damage to the victim, or displaying feats of strength.
Modifications Blade Hands - - Reflexive
A large weapon morphs from the hand, taking whatever shape he wishes
The demon can summon the weapon to replace his hand or dismiss the weapon as a reflexive action. While using the weapon, he cannot be disarmed without removing the limb. The weapon has a rating of 4L and gives a –3 penalty to the demon’s Initiative. The demon can utilize any Fighting Merits he may have that would normally apply to such a weapon.
Modifications Fast Attack - - - +2 bonus to Initiative.
A red pattern instantly ignites in his hands, winding its way up his arms and torso
After making a successful attack on a target, for the duration of the fight the demon can reset his Initiative to go before that target as long as the demon continues to attack the same target. If that target is taken out of the fight or if the demon changes targets, his Initiative returns to its previous number.
Modifications Unyielding Vice - - Reflexive
Pneumatic lines run along his arms to his hands
The demon’s grip is nearly unbreakable. She can hold on to anything that does not destroy her hand. Additionally, she gains five dice in any grapple maneuvers.
Modifications Electrical Sight - Intelligence + Composure Reflexive
Illusion of eyes filled with static and distortion
The demon can see electrical signals in the air around him, within the objects they are traveling through, and along cable lines. The demon is able to see each separate signal and could easily follow one to its source. With a successful roll, the demon can easily pick out one specific signal and understand the transmission, whether analog or digital. He can listen to phone conversations or watch television broadcasts just by concentrating on the signal.
Beats ■■□□□
Experience Gained 19
Experience Spent 18
Spent on In My Pocket embed (2), Idle Conversation embed (2), Advance Form Merit (1), Terrible Form – Body Modification Merit (1), Anarchism embed (2), Larceny 1, Professional Training 4 & 5, Cult 4 & 5, Bolthole – Easy Access, Repurchased Willpower (1)
Cover Experience
Beats ■■□□□
Experience Gained 25 11
Experience Spent 21 6
Spent on Cover 0 to 5, Allies (Hunters) 0 to 3, Cover 4 to 5 (John Fitzgerald Gray)

Mr. Grey

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