John Fitzgerald Gray

Slightly Paranoid Dormire Contractor


This Cover has been destroyed.

Stat Adjustments

John uses Mr. Grey’s stats with the following adjustments.


Allies (Hunters): 3 Now Cult 3

John has made friends with a local group of Hunters. He’s a trusted member of their group.

Status (Hunters): 1

John is now a member of the Hunters group. He has access to their resources and facilities and can apply his Status to any Social roll with the Hunters.

The Storyteller assigns a rating between one and five to any favor asked. A character can ask for favors that add up to her Allies rating without penalty in one chapter. If she extends her influence beyond that, her player must roll Manipulation + Persuasion + Allies, with a penalty equal to the favor’s rating. If the roll is successful, the group does as requested. Failed or successful, the character loses a dot of Allies. This dot may return at the end of the chapter

Broken (Persistent)

Whatever you did or saw, something inside you snapped. You can barely muster up the will to do your job anymore, and anything more emotionally intense than a raised voice makes you flinch and back down.

Apply a –2 to all Social rolls and rolls involving Resolve and a –5 to all use of the Intimidation Skill.


Regain a dot of Integrity, lose another dot of Integrity, or achieve an exceptional success on a breaking point.


You back down from a confrontation or fail a roll due to this Condition.

XPs Spent

Cover: John Fitzgerald Gray
Cover Rating ●●●●○ ○○○○○
Experience Spent 21
Spent on Cover 0 – 5, Allies 0 – 3, Cover 4 – 5

John works as a contractor for Dormire, but feels like something’s not quite.. right. He’s always a little nervous and paranoid. He has a history of repeatedly hiring the same private investigator to look into the things that keep him awake at night.

John’s paranoia comes at least in part from his idiotic brother’s crack-pot ideas. Most are completely trash, but some of them might be true? Fitzgerald has to be sure, so he checks out most of them.

John Fitzgerald Gray

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