Grey Warren Dempsey

Lobbyist and Power Broker


Dempsey uses Mr. Grey’s stats with the following adjustments


Ally (2): Megan Ruiz

Ms. Ruiz is very happy with Dempsey’s organized collapse of the Dormire Group’s blue pills.

The Storyteller assigns a rating between one and five to any favor asked. A character can ask for favors that add up to her Allies rating without penalty in one chapter. If she extends her influence beyond that, her player must roll Manipulation + Persuasion + Allies, with a penalty equal to the favor’s rating. If the roll is successful, the group does as requested. Failed or successful, the character loses a dot of Allies. This dot may return at the end of the chapter

Cover: Grey Warren Dempsey
Cover Rating ●●●●● ●○○○○
Experience Spent 0
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Tall and immaculately dressed, Dempsey looks every part of the man who belongs in the political wheelhouse.

Grey Warren Dempsey

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