Sabrael aka Widow

Tempter Inquisitor


Throughout human history the spider has held both fear and wisdom. Her bio-mechanical appendages skitter lightly across the ground, pale crystalline blue and icy to the touch. Fine copper tendrils with beads of light curl and twist over a slightly elongated head, adding an air of ancient authority along with her classic Egyptian features. Sabrael’s eyes tend to be covered in a black ink that flows across their surface, but occasionally they flair with a brilliant blue glow.


Sabrael was a Messenger of the Machine and as such she learned quickly the value of information and how to manipulate humans into doing what needed to be done. Her fall came about as she realized humans all have the staggering flaw of attachment, either to things or to each other. It will cause them to stray from the path the Machine has set, and it will lead them to heroic or catastrophic ends.

Sabrael aka Widow

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