Cult of Neith

web.jpg “Neith who opens all the ways, Neith who opens the good pathways, Neith who opens the way in all her places.”

The chant is low but clear, those that hear the words have come to be released from the darkness of unknowing. Her voice whispers from the shadows, “Come children, step into the light of your own making. You have seen the manipulation and control that you are under.”

A skittering of metal against the floor draws attention to the ghostly blue creature in the corner. “We have stood by and watched love lost, opportunities missed, desires destroyed by the workings of the Plan. I offer you a chance to recapture the things you were meant to have; to love and live in the light of a reality unbound. All I want to do is to take away the pain that it’s Plan has forced on you, and fulfill the hope that you have come to see.”

Cult Members:

kelly.jpgKelly Bennett had a hard time. Her parents didn’t understand her, and the only time she felt like she belonged was when she was partying with her friends. She’s turning her life around and luck is on her side.

christian.jpgChristian Parker College Sophomore who’s looking to save the world, one cause at a time. He’s on the Debate team and has done some rousing speeches for a couple of local environmental rallies, and he can occasionally be heard playing some original songs on open mic night at Katie’s bar.

Lisa.jpgLisa Jones is a high school senior who’s interested in computers and anything she can read about the occult. She’s built her own machine and is fairly handy at getting around various systems. There was an incident at the school a year ago, where grades got changed and some teachers’ salaries were deleted, but the responsible party was never found.

nate.jpgNate Thompson Graduated last year and is, against his parents advice, taking a year to figure things out. He’s a hard worker, and a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to getting things done the right way. He’s been thinking about going into Design or Architecture, but he hasn’t decided which would be more fun. Currently he’s living at home with his parents and had a space in the garage where he makes sculptures from found objects.

Wendy.jpgWendy Scott Just started working as a school nurse a few months ago. She had a great talent for soothing skinned knees and other bumps and bruises. Currently she’s filling in where she’s needed in the district, but she’s hoping something permanent will turn up.


Cult of Neith

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