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  • Vampbros and Besties

    Dispatching the two ghouls was easy. Anika felt some small satisfaction watching them fall to the ground, perfectly placed shots between the eyes. She stowed her rifle in her gym bag and crossed the street to remove the bullets, and any other evidence. …

  • Anika Wolter

    Anika has recently moved to Raleigh, and not many people know what she does for a living. She mostly keeps to herself, although occasionally she can be found at As Above, So Below.

  • Xenosa

    table{width:100%;border:1px solid black}. |_.Name|Xenosa|_. Player|Allison| |_. Agenda|Saboteur|_. Virtue|Destruction| |_. Incarnation|Destroyer|_. Vice|Rebirth| table{width:100%;border:1px solid black}. |_\7.Attributes| |_.Power|Intelligence …

  • Ivey Holliday

    Ivey Holliday is an aspiring tattoo artist currently working as a part time piercer at Femme Fatale Tattoo near NC State. She is often seen hanging around with Rosa's crowd. She is always seen carrying a large satchel bag which holds her sketch pad/ …