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  • Cult of Neith

    [[File:453750 | class=media-item-align-left | web.jpg]] "Neith who opens all the ways, Neith who opens the good pathways, Neith who opens the way in all her places." The chant is low but clear, those that hear the words have come to be released from …

  • Sabrael aka Widow

    Sabrael was a Messenger of the Machine and as such she learned quickly the value of information and how to manipulate humans into doing what needed to be done. Her fall came about as she realized humans all have the staggering flaw of attachment, either …

  • Katie Shannon

    Katie is working hard to get the bar updated and the upstairs gallery open for business. She's an avid fan of the arts, and is actively involved in the local community art/performance scene.