Yellow Fox: Samuel Marcus

Warrior Bodhisattva


Samuel likes to take his time, figure out the angles, then, strike his enemy’s criticals with precision.


Samuel Marcus was born in Boston, where he lived his life.
That which would become Yellow Fox was created with a purpose.
Samuel Marcus had one goal in life: to break himself and others free from the cycle of reincarnation.
That which would become Yellow Fox had one goal: to protect certain pieces of concealment infrastructure from being compromised.
Samuel was the oddest Buddhist that people in the city saw. He busked for a living, however, he didn’t play music, or perform, instead, he rabble roused continuously, and if injustice raised his head, he would raise his fist.
That which would become Yellow Fox grew to know the familiar faces, and all their habits, waiting for someone new to show up.
Samuel became friends with a homeless kid and would split his money with him.
That which would become Yellow Fox noticed demon activity.
Samuel noticed the homeless kid suddenly changing his normal routines, acting off.
That which would become Yellow Fox needed to take the shot, the demons were crawling into his protected ground.
Samuel couldn’t kill his friend, even though he was just a suit worn by something else.
The infrastructure burned down.
Yellow Fox was born.

Yellow Fox: Samuel Marcus

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