Xenosa is literally wings of fire. Sometimes green or black eyes are visible among the writhing flames. Twin cannons are mounted at the top of the wings, and projectile feathers are her weapon of choice in this form.

Don’t get too close or you’ll get burnt.

Name Xenosa Player Allison
Agenda Saboteur Virtue Destruction
Incarnation Destroyer Vice Rebirth
Power Intelligence ●●○○○ Strength ●●●○○ Presence ●○○○○
Finesse Wits ●●○○○ Dexterity ●●●○○ Manipulation ●●○○○
Resistance Resolve ●●●○○ Stamina ●●○○○ Composure ●●●○○
Mental Physical Social
-3 unskilled -1 unskilled -1 unskilled
Academics ○○○○○ Athletics (climb) ●●○○○ Animal Ken ○○○○○
Computer ●○○○○ Brawl ○○○○○ Empathy ○○○○○
Crafts ○○○○○ Drive ●○○○○ Expression (bedside manner) ●○○○○
Investigation ●●○○○ Firearms(rifle,pistol) ●●●●○ Intimidation (guns) ●●○○○
Medicine ○○○○○ Larceny ●○○○○ Persuasion ○○○○○
Occult (Monsters) ●●●○○ Stealth ●●●○○ Socialize ○○○○○
Politics ○○○○○ Survival ○○○○○ Streetwise ○○○○○
Science ●○○○○ Weaponry ○○○○○ Subterfuge ●○○○○
Advance Form ●○○○○
Effect: Your character has fewer of the lesser form benefits, but more of the greater advantages. When taking this Merit, sacrifice one Modification or Technology and take an additional Propulsion or Process in its place
Indomitable ●●○○○
Your character possesses an iron will. The powers of the supernatural have little bearing on her behavior. She can stand up to a vampire’s mind control, a witch’s charms, or a ghost’s gifts of fright. Any time a supernatural creature uses a power to influence your character’s thoughts or emotions, add two dice to the dice pool to contest it. If the roll is resisted, instead Merits 289 subtract two dice from the monster’s dice pool. Note that this only affects mental influence and manipulation from a supernatural origin. A vampire with a remarkable Manipulation + Persuasion score is just as likely to convince your character to do something using mundane tricks.
Professional Training ●●●○○-Hit Man
- • Networking: At the first level of Professional Training, your character builds connections within her chosen field. Take two dots of Contacts relating to that field.
- •• Continuing Education: With repeated efforts in her field of choice, your character tends toward greater successes. When making a roll with her Asset Skills(Firearms,Stealth), she benefits from the 9-again quality.
- ••• Breadth of Knowledge: Due to advancement in her field, she’s picked up a number of particular bits of information and skill unique to her work. Choose a third Asset Skill (Occult) and take two Specialties in your character’s Asset Skills.
Contacts ●●○○○
Marksmanship ●●●●○
Effect: When prepared and aimed, a gun is an ideal killing machine. Your character has trained to take advantage of the greatest features of any gun. This Style is often used with rifles, but it can be used with any type of firearm. Because of the discipline and patience required for Marksmanship, your character cannot use her Defense in any turn in which she uses one of these maneuvers. These maneuvers may only be used after aiming for at least one turn.
-Through the Crosshairs (•): Your character is a competent sniper, able to sit in position and steel her wits. Usually, the maximum bonus from aiming is three dice. With Through the Crosshairs, it’s equal to her Composure + Firearms.
Precision Shot (••): With this level of training, your character knows how to effectively disable a victim instead of focusing on the kill. When attacking a specified target, you may reduce your weapon’s damage rating one-for-one to ignore penalties for shooting a specified target (see p. 323). For example, if you’re using a sniper rifle (4 damage weapon), and attacking an arm (–2 to hit), you could choose to use 3 damage reduce that to –1, or 2 damage to eliminate the penalty entirely.
A Shot Rings Out (•••): A master sniper, your character has no worries or lack of confidence. She can fire into a crowd and strike a specific target without penalty. If she misses, it’s because her shot goes wide. She will never hit an unintended target.
Ghost (••••): Your character has trained to shoot unseen and vanish without a trace. Her Firearms score acts as a penalty on any roll to notice her vantage point, or any Investigation or Perception roll to investigate the area from which she shot.
Consummate Professional ●●○○○
Effect: Your character can resonlve her Agenda Condition twice per chapter instead of just once.
Resources ●○○○○
Health Primum Size 5
●●●●● ●● ●○○○○ ○○○○○ Speed 11
□□□□□ □□ ○○○○○ Defense 3
Willpower Aether Armor -
●●●●● □□□□□ □□□□□ Initiative Mod 6
□□□□□ □□□□□ □□□□□
Name Type Dice Pool Action Pg
Merciless Gunman Cacophony Dexterity + Firearms Instant
The demon calmly dispatches multiple targets with a gun. Using this Embed, the demon can easily clear a room of antagonists without endangering his comrades or risking a true firefight breaking out. *Note that this Embed’s primary function only works for Down and Dirty Combat (p. 317). If the Storyteller determines that, for whatever reason, the situation does not qualify for Down and Dirty Combat, then this Embed does not function. A demon can automatically sense whether Merciless Gunman would work; if the demon risks exposure by using it or the opposition has resources that the demon isn’t aware of (if they’re vampires, for instance), then the Embed doesn’t work and hopefully the demon realizes she needs to be more circumspect. In a situation where Down and Dirty Combat does not apply, Merciless Gunman still makes the character more effective withhis firearms, but does not confer the same level of lethality.
_Dramatic Failure: The first shot wounds one target, inflicting the damage rating of the gun in lethal damage, but no more. Everyone else rolls initiative and combat proceeds normally.
_Failure: The gun fails to fire. The demon’s player can roll Dexterity + Larceny (with a penalty equal to the number of witnesses) to holster the gun before anyone notices.
_Success: The demon pulls a gun and kills a number of targets equal to the successes rolled, plus the damage rating of the gun. For instance, if a demon uses a gun with a damage rating of 2L and the player rolls four successes, the demon can kill up to six people with this Embed. The demon cannot dispatch more targets than his gun has bullets. If the Down and Dirty Combat rules aren’t in effect for this particular scene, the character can use Merciless Gunman to gain the 8-again quality for a Firearms attack (reflexive Wits + Firearms roll before the actual attack roll).
Exceptional Success:The demon can kill a number of targets equal to the number of bullets in her gun, rather than the number of successes the player rolls. If the Down and Dirty Combat rules aren’t in effect, an exceptional success on the Embed roll gives the character’s next firearms attack the rote action quality
Never Here Mundane Manipulation + Stealth – Resolve Instant
It’s one thing to bribe or threaten a witness not to reveal that a demon was present, but a dedicated investigator has ways of making people spill their guts. Better for the demon simply to remove the knowledge that he was ever there. The demon forces one or more characters to forget that they shared a scene. The Embed doesn’t remove all memory of the demon, simply his presence in one particular scene. If the witness was with the demon for several contiguous scenes, use of this Embed might be extremely disturbing to the witness, if she stops to piece together the timeline of the demon’s activities (“He was with me during breakfast, and then we went to a movie … but we didn’t leave together?”)
_Dramatic Failure: The target remembers the character in perfect detail and cannot forget him. At the Storyteller’s discretion, the target may even become fascinated or obsessed with the demon, seeking him out and trying to learn as much as possible about him
_Failure: No effect; the target remembers as much or as little about the demon as is appropriate under the circumstances
_Success:The target (or targets) forgets that the demon was in the preceding scene at all. The Storyteller should apply a negative modifier to the Embed roll if the demon was the central figure in the scene, inflicted damage on the target, or was in some way memorable. If the demon simply spoke with the target, the modifier isn’t necessary. If the demon walked into the room and shot the target’s spouse dead, the modifier should probably be at least –3. The target mentally fills in the gaps around the demon’s absence; in the preceding example, she knows that someone walked in and shot her spouse, but won’t be able to produce any details. If the demon’s absence creates a real inconsistency in a timeline of events, the target can realize and acknowledge it but still can’t remember the demon. The effect of this Embed lasts until the target sees the demon again (in person, not in a picture). At this point, roll the target’s Wits + Resolve – the demon’s Primum. If the roll succeeds, the target remembers the demon and his place in the affected scene. Never Here works on any character that saw or interacted with the demon during the targeted scene. It must be activated within an hour of the scene ending
_Exceptional Success:As above, except that the target cannot recall the demon’s participation in the scene even if she sees the demon again. Some form of magical memory recovery would be necessary to allow the target to remember. _
Combustion Cacophony Wits + Science Instant
Everything burns, but not everything burns easily. Despite what action movies tell us, a stray bullet is extremely unlikely to blow up a car. But the explosiveness or flammability of an object is a known value, and that means a demon with the right knowledge can alter that value, making an object more likely to burn or explode.
_Dramatic Failure:The object in question immediately bursts into flames. If the demon is holding or touching it at the time, she suffers 2L damage immediately and may become
engulfed in flames, depending on her proximity and the size of the object.
_Failure:The object’s flammability does not change. The demon may try again, with a cumulative –1 penalty for each attempt on the same object.
_Success: The object becomes more flammable or prone to explosive. In order for a demon to alter a target’s explosiveness, it must have the potential to explode already (cars can explode, for instance, but wooden chairs do not). In either case, the object will burst into flames or explode with the slightest provocation — a match flung at the object is usually enough.
Exceptional Success:The demon can consciously control the object’s flammability or explosiveness, meaning she can set the destruction in motion with a thought.
Hellfire Exploit Presence + Firearms + Primum Reflexive
The demon forces Aether through her firearms, converting the bullets into magically charged flame. The fire thus created can incinerate victims or destroy material objects, but it does not start fires — nothing touched by the Hellfire ignites. In order to activate this Exploit, the demon must have at least one firearm already drawn and ready to fire. She can use Hellfire on allies’ guns, but must touch the firearm in question. When the Exploit is activated, the gun’s barrel warps slightly, growing wider, and a thin wisp of brimstone smoke drifts up from it.
_Dramatic Failure: The gun explodes, inflicting aggravated damage to the demon (and the gun’s wielder, if applicable) equal to the demon’s Primum.
_Failure: The Exploit does not work and the gun is unaffected.
_Success: The gun inflicts aggravated damage for the remainder of the scene. Its other capabilities are unaffected — range, damage rating, ammo capacity, and so on stay the same. The barrel fires a plume of red-yellow flame with every shot, however, and a target killed by a Hellfire weapon feels his flesh burn away in seconds, leaving only a charred skeleton.
Exceptional Success: : As above, but the player adds the demon’s Primum to the weapon’s damage rating
Demonic Form
Type Name Cost Dice Pool Action Notes
Modification Rivet Arm 1 Aether - Extended -
Building Infrastructure is sometimes as fundamental as paving a road or building a structure. Angels in charge of overseeing or constructing structural Infrastructure are modified to have tools always at hand. Demons have found that this form ability works just as well as a weapon as it ever did as a tool to build. . _
_Appearance: One entire arm transforms into some kind of tool, such as a nail gun or a riveter
_System: The gun shoots projectiles that are manifested within the demon, so he does not have to worry about ammunition or reloading. The demon can make an attack with the gun using his Wits + Firearms. The gun has a damage rating of 3L and does not penalize the demon’s Initiative. If used as a tool for relevant building projects, the gun gives a +2 bonus to the roll. The demon can utilize any gun Merits he may have with this weapon, such as Firefight or Marksmanship.
Modification Night Vision 1 Aether - Extended -
Angels who perform their missions at night or in darkened areas are built with night vision, allowing them to see normally. Demons often adopt this form ability as a way to handle nighttime fighting as well as delving in the darker corners of the God-Machine’s Infrastructures.
_Appearance: The demon’s eyes turn green. This can be as detailed as fluid filling the capillaries in the demon’s eyes until nothing can be seen but the green, or a bright green light replaces the eyes completely.
_System:The demon can see in the dark and gains a +2 bonus to Perception rolls. In the dark, he can see details as though it were broad daylight. _
Propulsion Wings - - - -
_Angels have wings for a variety of reasons, whether its the need to get to high places or to have the ability to survey large areas quickly. Some are more subtle in their functionality, such as to instill awe or a sense of majesty in those the angel interacts with. Demons concerned with fast unnoticed travel find the ability to fly extremely useful.
_Appearance: : Large wings sprout from the demon’s back. These wings can take on any appearance the player wishes. They could be thick and leathery, downy white feathers, or bits of cloth stretched over a mechanical flying apparatus.
System: The demon is capable of flight and has a species factor of 10 to his Speed while flying.
Propulsion Plasma Drive - - - -
_Angels in charge of delivery, be it parts for different Infrastructures, or messages from the God-Machine, must be quick and adaptable to any circumstances. Fast angels are formed from plasma, ions that can be accelerated and shoot long distances. Demons retain this form ability for the increase to speed as well as the defensive capabilities it affords.
_Appearance: The demon is powered by plasma. His veins are filled with it and his skin glows and ripples as the ions jostle about. When the drive is active, the veins on the demon’s body stand out in a colorful electric glow.
System: The demon’s reflexes are naturally fast and dodging and feats of athleticism do not cause him to tire. The demon does not take penalties to defense when he is attacked multiple times in a round. If he is in combat with a single opponent, he gains a +2 bonus to his Defense. He also subtracts Defense from ranged attacks. As a reflexive action on his turn, the demon can spend one Aether to activate his Plasma Drive to move at a run and take an action. The demon still subtracts his Defense from attacks made on him this turn, and he still benefits from his Speed as above.
Technology Mantle of Fire - -
Some angels manifest as pillars of smoke or fire to deliver messages, lead mortal followers, or simply burn down a building the God-Machine needs to have eliminated. A demon with this ability retains her humanoid shape but remains perfectly capable of burning down a house or filling a room with smoke. _
_Appearance: : Flames flicker around the top of the demon’s head instead of hair, and lines of fire rise up from her shoulders and arms.
_System: While the demon and her immediate possessions aren’t affected by the flames pouring from her, anything else that comes into contact with them is. Anyone engaged in a grapple with the demon suffers two lethal damage per turn (as fire as large and hot as a torch). The demon’s fires can also ignite other objects or provide illumination equal to a torch. As a reflexive action the demon can suppress her mantle, reducing it to a purely visual effect. In this state it does not ignite materials and doesn’t generate enough heat to cause injury. It still sheds about as much light as a torch. The outcast can restore the mantle to its full strength as a reflexive action. The player may spend 1 Aether as a reflexive action for the demon to intensify the mantle for one turn and achieve one of three effects:
• Create Smoke: The demon fills the area within up to 30 yards of her with thick smoke. Rolls to see things more than arm’s length away within the smoke suffer a –1 penalty. Each additional ten yards inflicts an additional –1 penalty (cumulative) on all visual Perception rolls. This penalty also applies to ranged attack rolls.
• Fire Aura: The demon’s radiates a halo of fire that surrounds his body to a distance of one foot. The heat these flames produce is more intense than the ordinary mantle — equal to that of a Bunsen burner. Those engaged in a grapple with the demon suffer four lethal damage per turn.
• Pyrotechnic Explosion: The demon’s fiery mantle explodes in a noisy burst of pyrotechnics. The demon can shape the details of this effect. This can range from a soft pop and a single ball of white fire used as a signal flare to a loud boom and a burst of colored fire that showers everything within three yards with flames, and anything in between. If used offensively, anyone caught in the blast suffers two lethal damage automatically unless they have cover (treat as an explosion).
Processes Eliminator Cannon - Dexterity + Firearms -
_Some angels rain fire and sulfur down upon the cities of man while others leave behind lumps of plastic explosive, but the effect is much the same. Demons with this ability can produce both timed and triggered explosives. _
_Appearance: One entire arm transforms into a grenade launcher or mortar and cannot be used to manipulate items.
_System:The demon can generate and fire a concussion or fragmentation grenade as an action (p. 179 of World of Darkness). These projectiles use her Dexterity + Firearms and have a range of 75/150/300, a blast area of 3, and a damage of 3 (lethal or bashing damage as determined by the demon). The player can instead spend one point of Aether for the demon to generate a timed or triggered explosive with a blast area of 4 and a damage of 3 + the demon’s Primum rating. In both cases this resembles a brick of dynamite or plastique (p. 179 of the World of Darkness Rulebook). If it is a timed explosive, the demon must determine when it will detonate at the time she generates it. If it is a triggered explosive, the demon may set it off at any time (player spends one point Aether) as a reflexive action. There is no range limit to these triggered explosives, provided the demon is on the same plane of existence (a demon couldn’t use the Rip the Gates Exploit to flee to the Underworld and then set off a bomb). The total number of undetonated explosives the demon can maintain at any time cannot exceed twice her Primum. If she creates a new explosive when she has reached this maximum, one of the current explosives (chosen randomly) disintegrates.
Beats □□□□□
Experience Gained 5
Experience Spent 4
Spent on resources (1) , Consummate Professional, Cause and Effect
Cover :Anika Wolter
Beats □□□□□
Experience Gained 2
Experience Spent 0
Spent on


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