Raziel/Cipher/Maggie Lewellyn

Older Book Store Owner, and Seeker of Secrets


Maggie is in her mid fifties,slender with grey hair. She wears glasses and a sweater. She has a charming grandmotherly feel about her and smells faintly of old leather, parchment, and chocolate chip cookies.

Rediscover the Lost Secret
Meet new Demons
Create a new Cover (or Two)

1) You Can Tell Me
By nature of their quantum existences, demons cannot lie. Or rather, they cannot be perceived as lying, as they determine the truth of their statements. This Embed reverses the principle and applies it to others. With You Can Tell Me, nobody can lie to the demon. They can attempt to, but what comes out, be it in speech or in text, is the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. The demon simply believes the subject is being honest, and the subject complies. This Embed does not work against another Unchained, but it works on anything else otherwise capable of lying.
Dice Pool: Manipulation + Empathy – Composure
Action: Reflexive
Dramatic Failure: The effect does not take and the demon suffers a –5 on any efforts to detect the subject’s honesty for the scene, since she believes the Embed worked.
Failure: The subject is free to lie or be honest as he sees fit.
Success: If successful, the subject must speak the truth for the remainder of the scene. It can be activated reflexively as the subject speaks. The subject halts his speech mid-sentence if necessary and begins speaking the truth as well as he understands it.
Exceptional Success: The effect lasts for a full day.


I am created, I am Raziel. Angel of Secrets. My sacred charge is to gather secrets, mystical and profane, mundane and otherworldly. Each written word and whisper I gather all to my bosom, cradling the precious gift. The God Machine I present with the tenderest of care the greatest gift, Knowledge.
I am Raziel, and among the people I wander. From the lips of a child I hear……a secret, one that shines with terrible potency. I can feel the God Machine tremble in what I can only call Fear. The Machine…it is scared….it is ripping this secret from my mind, destroying the one that uttered it….it burns….I must…I must cling to this, the most important of secrets……I Fall to cling on to even the smallest crumb of this….secret. The God Machine has a secret and I will find it again some day. The world shall tremble.
I am Cipher, Demon of Secrets. Secrets to hide, to share, to wield as weapons when needed. All I remember from before is that I knew something that made God quake in terror. I search and listen, pry from resistant lips and stockpile secrets in the hope that one will lead me to the next clue to what I seek. You may think I am crazy but even a broken clock is right twice a day. In the mean time I live a Margaret Llewellyn.
I am Margaret Llewellyn, Maggie to my friends and employees. I run an Antique and Esoteric Book Store. I’ve always been drawn to books, graduating with a double major in Library Science and Anthropology. I was assisting in the Rare Book collection at Oxford when I met my husband, Lawrence. He was deep into a book, not looking where he was going, and ran right into me. I found him charmingly endearing and we had a lovely May wedding. Two years later we had Penelope and our lives were blessed and happy. The years flew by, our home comfortably crowded with books and artifacts. Penny grew up, went off to college, married and had a child of her own, Nathan. I enjoyed being a Grandmother and my book store was doing so well I ended up hiring two very responsible young people. The store smells of old leather, and Marlow, the store cat lounges on some of the less expensive stacks.
When I fell, I may have gotten a little obsessive. Okay, a lot. Our home on Boylan Heights started resembling a horder’s palace. My behavior took it’s toll on my husband, Larry, I found him one morning dead in his recliner, felled by a bad heart that he never told me about. I’ve withdrawn from Penny and Nathan and I think it hurts them but it’s better that they be far away when I rediscover ‘The Secret’.
If I can find other Demon’s maybe they can help me find what I seek, or at least point me in directions that I have not thought of yet……the world is a big, strange place after all.

Raziel/Cipher/Maggie Lewellyn

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